Are you ready for some fútbol?
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Our vision for Fowler Youth Soccer League is to train our coaches properly
so that they may teach our kids all of the fundamentals.  As our kids
continue to move up they will continue to add on to what they have been
taught. At one point we will be one of the best soccer clubs in the valley,
competing and winning tournaments in  Clovis, Fresno  and the South  
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- U8 and above teams practices are not to include any conditioning drills.
Players can work on low energy drills such as passing, dribbling, and
shooting. Plenty of water breaks are to be given, and any player who
begins to feel ill should be allowed to rest. Furthermore, if a player does
not attend practice due to the heat, coaches are to not hold it against the
player in regards to playing time.
- If the Air Quality reaches Unsafe for all level (Red
level on the following website: then
practices for all age groups are to be cancelled.
All coaches have been informed of these restrictions, and that it is in
their players' best interests to follow them.
Coaches, please follow this link (Click here) for information
on Heat Related Illnesses from Children's Hospital of
Central California.